Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Hop 2017......



I am so glad to be able to, again, be part of one of my favorite blog hops. It's been a few years since this one last took place. I would like to thank our lovely hostess Lori Anderson  for all the hard work and time she has devoted to make this exchange and hop happen for all of us!

I would love to introduce my partner Heather Marston. She is a busy mom, enamel artist and also teaches preschool. It was unfortunate, but we really didn't get to know one another very well, but our families and careers must take precedence, when folks are busy.  But I was sent a fun, yet challenging variety of hoarded goodies to work with.

This is the batch of hoarded goodies that I was sent. There are some Czech beads, a really big focal (neither of us know what the stone is) a couple of her enamel pieces, a couple of ceramic focals and lastly a couple of banana shaped beads.

Next is what I sent to Heather...


The top picture is what I hoard the most and that's labradorite. I love everything about it. I am always drawn to it. The 3 focals I have been hanging on to for quite a while. The others are  some strands of labradorite from my collection, let's be real I can actually call it a collection. The second picture it one of the other things that I tend to hoard and thats vintage crystal beads. I love them, they are very different from the modern crystal beads that you can purchase,  I think that it's the cuts and facets that set them apart.


I was so excited to open my package, there were a couple of things that I wasn't sure what to do with. I wanted to use or make something with every last thing I was sent, but I have a life outside of my studio and just couldn't pull it off. Believe it or not the bananas were the first thing my weird brain gravitated towards, I instantly knew what I wanted to do. So here's what I did with the banana beads.

He is totally going to hang from my rear view mirror of my car. I'm not exactly sure what it's called but that's what it is.

Then I just had to make a necklace with this enamel piece, it's beautiful. The colors are rich and the combination of colors is perfect. 

Next this is how I used the spotted Czech beads. I used 2 part epoxy putty ( for the first time) to make this ring. I really do love how it turned out. 

I took a picture of it on my hands and boy does summer need to get here soon, I need to load up on lotion and maybe get a manicure. Needless to say I will not be posting the picture of my pretty ring on my ugly hands!

The next one is my absolute favorite piece. I like simple, when it comes to jewelry that I personally wear. The ceramic focal I was sent was my favorite color, purple, I had to make myself a piece with it and this is what my personal style looks like. They are separate pieces and I have decided that I am going to make a load of similar style necklaces, in different colors, length, gemstones and charms, so that I can mix and match and layer them to match my clothes. I can't believe I never thought of doing that before.

Okay I am going to be super honest here, this focal was the hardest for me to work with, but I felt compelled to make something, since Heather had hoarded it and then shared it with me. I was stumped. Lori said no matter what, we are all jewelry artists so we can make something out of anything and that's what I did.  I tried a style that I have never worked with (tribal like) and even did some knotting work, also something I have never tried. I worked this piece for ages and just when I was about done, the thin leather cord broke from me over working it. I used so many colorful words, you have no idea how many, I mean so many. But I finally made it through making it, but after this I never want to look at it again. If someone wants it, let me know I will gladly send it to you! 

 I want to  thank Heather for being my partner and Lori for putting this all together. I hope everyone has fun hopping and I can't wait to see everyone's creativity! I almost forgot here's the list of participants....



Till Next Time,