Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bead Soup What I received and What I sent

I have been waiting to post as my partner had been out of town and would not receive the package I sent until early this week. Since time always seems to be a issue with me I waited until I knew she got her goodies in order to combine both of what she sent me and what she received. I seriously must have time management issues,seems I never have enough time.

Just so you know my partner must be Wonder Woman's Twin or something,I'll tell you why. She works outside of the home,manages her household(which includes a teenager),manages to make some seriously gorgeous,totally involved jewelry creations and also blogs at least a couple few times a week. Hell I'm tired just thinking about it! I think she should mentor me in the area of motivation and time management,oh please,oh please.

Well enough of my early morning ramblings been up since 4a.m. trying to get a few things done before my day really starts,got to get that kid to school on time and maybe I'll sneak down to my studio and work on some things after I do drop him off. Today is my day off of work,which never really feels like a day off ,I think I work more when I'm not at work.

Okay so here is the soup Kat sent to me.....

Gorgeous Lamp work Fairy,Lampwork beads and some vintage glass beads oh and lets not forget the cutie silver butterfly toggle.       

I have few ideas one is not jewelry though. I will say no more.

Next up is what I sent her I originally have about 4 mixes ready and my sister put the kabosh on that she said I would probably overwhelm Kat so I paired it down to this.....

Large butterfly pendant with a matching mix of crystals I think Isent more crystals but they are not in this photo? And I then sent her a bonus butterfly wing pendant so that she could make something else if she chooses.

I must be off my son is waiting for breakfast and I am in need of sucking down my first cup of coffee.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing BSBP Partner and Wishing for Spring..

I wanted to take a little time out to introduce my partner for the 7th annual Bead Soup Blog Party Her name is Kat Barron Miller. She and I use similar materials yet the outcome is so different. I am totally stoked to have her as my partner this time around. Take a quick peek at her shop.Or if you have extra time check out her blog

I would like to mention something that I have never experienced before when chatting with someone via email. This may sound a tad bit strange. But in just the couple of emails we have exchanged I believe I have gotten a feel for Kat she seems so full of life,quick witted and a touch sassy. All things that I find quite charming and endearing. I am sure if you had contact with her you would have gotten that too!!

Okay now I have lived in Michigan practically my whole adult life,only a few years have been spent elsewhere and I can NEVER get used to the winter. I am totally a spring/summer kind of gal. So for a little something to look forward to I give you and myself a bit spring/summer that is my garden.

Some of my butterfly/humming bird garden

Gorgeous Red Daylillies

I call this my happy chair.  

My cutie gnome whom has been coined "keeper of the porch".
I will plant something in just about anything!!! This summer I'll show you more random planters.
My lovely butterfly bush. They reseed and grow like mad in the most bizzar places.

I can't wait to enjoy these beauties again.