Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Blog Soup Pieces...

In my previous post I showed you all the goodies I was sent by my partner  I generally don't use pearls. Pearls are my birthstone and growing up in an Italian family ment lots of Italian jewelry and so many of my jewelry had pearls that I grew sick of them at an early age.  I have never used Ukanite before either the color combo never did a whole lot for me, but I think I have become pretty fond thanks to Lori!!

I always donate the pieces I make from these sort of challenges to a local charities for fund raising events but this first piece I totaly love and am going to keep. I make so many necklace and favor making necklaces but I NEVER wear them. I have this odd quirk that I can't have anything around my neck(all of my shirts are even scoop and v-neck) I know bizzare.But the bracelet I am sure I will wear it often. In this bracelet I used both the focal and clasp that was sent and mandatory to use. Have I told you that I love it??

Next is the piece that took me the most time to complete I tried to use every kind of bead and spacer that Lori sent to me. Since I used the focal in the bracelet I made a soldered butterfly pendant to use as the focal of this piece. I am very happy at how this necklace turned out.

And lastly another necklace. I was trying for a more modern edge with this one. Dark chain and every style of bead I was sent.

So there it is by big Bead Soup Reveal. I can't wait to hop and check out all the pretties you all have made!!