Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bead Peeps Swap and Hop Reveal......

Today Is the day for the Swap and Hop Reveal...

I'm sure most of you know how this works, but if by chance you don't I will give you a quick summary. Our hostess for this swap is the lovely Linda Anderson. She painstakingly matched, everyone who signed up with partners. So then the object or rules are that you send your partner an artisan bead or focal, a clasp and if you really want any beads or other goodies to go along with them and then they create wonderful, gorgeous pieces of jewelry. 

This is the second year that I have participated in this hop and had such a good time last year, that even with my busy schedule and really no extra time on my hands, could not resist signing up! I was partnered with the sweet Susan Kelly . I was so excited when my package arrives, I'm like a kid at Christmas, so I could hardly wait to open it and let me tell you she did not disappoint.  Here's a look see at what Susan sent me.

I must have been a good girl this year, Susan sent me 3 focals, two were lamp work focals and the other was a copper heart with a working spinner!! Some jasper beads, daisy spacers, Greek donut beads, some resin beads, charms, cording and a handmade copper clasp.

Now a few  pictures of what I sent to Susan, just so you know what we had to work with.

All of the focals were made by yours truly. I sent out a couple of my soldered glass pendants one features a real butterfly wing, the other a pressed yellow daisy. The other focal is a druzy quartz stone that I added to a couple of filigrees that I layered. Then a spattering of matching beads and beaded chain that I made using vintage beads, it a color combo that I LOVE!

Just so everyone knows and I love all sorts of beady things, for some reason, I don't gravitate to lamp work beads. I have seen so many that are true works of art and I have seen the amount of talent, creativity, skill and time that goes into them, it's just not my thing. Oh I have many lamp work beads that I keep in their own container, I just NEVER make anything with them. So here I have 2 to work with and I was a little stumped. I thought that there is no way, what the heck am I going to make with theses. So I set my sights on the copper heart focal, I thought yup this is the one I will make something with and guess what that is the one that I didn't use, oh I will I even made a copper heart clasp for it, but I just, as always ran short on time. Let's get real I shopped for matching beads like a minute after my package arrived and you would think I would have started creating then right? Well that would have probably been smart I started the day before yesterday. I know slacker!!! But I work better under pressure, doesn't do much for my stress level, but boy can I whip some jewelry out! 

Okay enough of my yap trapping here is what I made.....

 This is the whole collection so in about 2 days and roughly 4 maybe 5 hours 7 pieces were made.
 These bracelets are bangles that I wrapped in silk, wrapped some wire around and add a couple of the charms that Susan sent me. These will be mine to wear. I love bangles!
 This set is made using the jasper beads and clasp that Susan sent. I had to patina the toggle a bit, it was a bright and shiny copper and I needed it more of an antique copper color. Simple which is totally my style. Oh and I made the copper ear wires, I didn't have anything that suited my design.
 This is the copper beauty that I'm in love with. I'm not even a heart gal, but I am totally a "this" heart gal. This is the heart clasp I made to match. Now I have to make something with it!
 One of the lamp work focals, loved the colors just made and easy beaded chain with a simple pair of earrings to match. These will go to my beautiful momma!! She'll love them! I made these with her in mind.

This is the other focal. It is so pretty on it's own I didn't want to do to much, so that the beauty of the bead could shine. I just added a little chain fringe with a few color coordinating crystal to the end on a super long copper chain.
 Oh and I almost forgot to show the ring that I made from the Czech beads I was sent. I wrapped them to make them into the flower shape you see here.

This is how it looks on.

Thank you Linda for hosting this swap and Hop, I'm sure it was a lot of work. I will now shut up, so that you can visit all of the talented jewelry artists blogs to check out there pretties. Here's a list and have fun hopping!!!!

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Robin Lynne Showstack
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Rachel Mallis
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Suse Stelljes
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Heather Richter
Tami  Norris

Brandy Scozzari
Catherine King

Kathleen Breeding
Veralynne Malone

Bobbie Rafferty
Lori Blanchard


  1. The copper heart that you received is so creative and I love the heart clasp that you make. They will work perfectly together. Great job on your pieces!

  2. Such interesting color choices and designs! The heart charm is truly great

  3. Rosa, such a beautiful collection of pieces!! You were able to make so much! I especially love the heart necklace - and the ring - and the...I love them all! Great job!

    1. I still have a few ideas running through my brain, so when I can carve out a little time I need to bring those ideas to fruition. Thanks for everything!

  4. Wow Rosa - I don't know how you did it all in just 2 days! And for someone who doesn't use lampwork beads, you did a great job! I really like the chain tassel necklace, but they are all such pretty pieces!

  5. I just love your designs! And for someone that doesn't work with lampwork, you certainly havethe right touch to make it shine.

  6. Love the ring! Very unique and eye catching :)

  7. Your designs while simple capture the focals perfectly. I love the handmade copper clasp you made and that cute ring is amazing

  8. Your designs while simple capture the focals perfectly. I love the handmade copper clasp you made and that cute ring is amazing

  9. Hi Rosa, all of your designs are lovely. Your ring is my favorite. Closely following it is the necklace with the lampworked leaf focal. I hope you don't shy away from lampwork in the future. She showcased it really well.

  10. Such lovely designs, i adore the hassle necklace and agree how you let the bead shine through. I love how you made the glorious flower ring.

  11. Your designs are great.. Love the handmade copper clasp.. a gal after my own heart. I love copper

  12. Rosa, Beautiful work! I absolutely LOVE your little ring! So cute and sweet! The bangles are super creative, too! GREAT job!


  13. I think my favorite are probably the bangles!


  14. It's a wise approach to leave the beautiful lampwork shine by itself and add a little detail or two to make the designs a bit out of the ordinary! Love the fabric bangles and the wire wrapped links bracelet - each green jasper stone stands out in this design! The flower ring looks so very whimsical!

  15. I like them all, but the wrapped bracelets are wonderful!! I am glad that you were able to participate again this year...your creations are great!! ~KM

  16. Really like the wrap bracelets! and that lampwork necklace!! So cute. I love the pendants you sent to your partner as well, really cool.

  17. Love those warm fuzzy hoop earrings!

  18. I had to laugh, I too work best under pressure. But this time the pressure got the best of me and I got sick. But still got three pieces made with two more ideas to go...but I love your pieces. Those wrapped bracelets are killer! I bet they are soft to wear! Excellent job!

  19. Lovely collection! Those wrap bracelets are totally awesome!!

  20. Wow! you were one busy gal! Love those silk wrapped bracelets!!!!

  21. Your blog made me laugh and check to make sure we're not related! By accident or design I always end up working in the exact same way! I love copper too and I really like that heart clasp you designed. Lampwork beads always intimidated me but I love to look at them, you handled that first piece with the wonderful colors just perfectly! Congratulations!

  22. WOW! those are fantastic pieces especially creating in the final hours LOL! But really haven't we all done that at least once or least... The ring is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see how the heart piece turns out! Great work!

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