Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fabulous Finds And A Happy Mother's Day...

The implementinof Fabulous Finds....

I get super frustrated that my life is always so busy and don't seem to have enough time to do the things that I want to do, I.E. work in my studio,blog often,clean,sleep.  I adore tag sales,rummage sales,thrift shops and swap meets. So In the spring and summer I try to carve out a little time to try to go to these above said things. 

So I thought that I could kill 2 birds with one stone shop these places and then share my finds with you on my blog.

So this is some of my booty (yup I said booty) I am so juvenile that it made me snicker just writing the word,maybe I should use the word finds or loot instead, from this past week....

I was elated to find all these vintage jewels and If I told you how much I paid for them you wouldn't even believe me,they were a steal!! I have a slight compulsion issue I feel that if it's unique or a good deal I must purchase these vintage jewels to add to my stash. I will show you said stash,well part of it. This is only about half or maybe a little less that half of what I have. I am on the hunt for more of these printers trays to display the rest that are sitting in vintage jewelry boxes and vintage cigar boxes. Okay here goes....

These are mostly vintage earrings I have a ton more of these in boxes

These are mostly vintage brooches I would need at least 2 more trays to display all that I have

Random vintage jewelry pieces,earrings,brooches etc I actually filled this sucker up after I took the picture so now it's also full.

 I can and will use these pretties in my jewelry designs If I had some time to actually design things. I am a bit jealous of those who are able to create all day instead of wasting time at that place called work... Oh well such is life I just need to carve some time out and say screw the dishes!!

And to all you mom's out there I wish you all a wonderful,happy mother's day, cuz we deserve it!!! I hope you have special plans or at least get to enjoy sometime with your children. My husband and son always take me to the Mother's Day Flower show out at our local expo center It's my second favorite part of mother's day, of course the first is, being the mother of my charming and funny son, it has been truly an honor being blessed with him.

Till next time.
~Maria Rosa 


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