Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School

Today marks the day in Michigan where most schools have there first day of class. My amazingly still sweet and ever so funny son is starting the 7th grade. I always ask myself where the time has gone, it just seems like yesterday that I was still able to hold and cuddle him. He is a good boy as he still loves to be hugged and is not yet embarrassed to be seen with his mother like most kids his age. So this post is wishing him a fantastic first day of Middle school.

The last two pictures are from last summer and the first picture is from this past winter and let me tell you he has grown even more. Mind you he is only 12 years old and is already 5'9" tall and wears a size 11 1/2 in men's shoes. Unreal and he still has many years of growth ahead of him. When he was young I used to call him midget (I know not politically correct) or mini because he looks just like a miniature version of my husband (i swear my genetics are in there somewhere),but he was always so short. Not long ago I called him mini and he just gave me this look and then said "really mom? I should me calling you mini". Which is totally true because I am only about 5'4" tall so he is already almost half a foot taller than his mama.

No matter how tall,big or old he gets he will always be my little sweet angel boy, he is and has always been the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I will always be his biggest fan!

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