Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Resolutions....

I was sitting at my work desk the other making a few new things and it dawned on me that I hadn't posted a new blog entry in months!! I had to check if that was true and guess what,it was so true.  I couldn't even believe that so much time had gone by without a single entry on my part.

I am not a huge fan New Years Resolutions. I  have always made resolutions and pretty big ones too,but I then fall off of the wagon. So this year I made resolutions that a normal person could maybe keep. I will share the ones I made....

1.Try to list 2 new items in my Etsy shop daily.
2. Create at least 2 new of jewelry per day.
I will cut myself a little slack so that totals 14 pieces and 14 listings per week. If I happen to have a super ambitious day, I will cut myself a break on my long work days or lazy days. So I figure 14 total of each shouldn't be too difficult to attain.
3. Try to eat a bit better and religiously take my vitamins and supplements.
4. My new one, as of the shocking discovery of my poor,sad,neglected blog,is to valiantly try to blog  once a week or at least once every two weeks.

So that being said I would like to wish you all a very Happy,healthy,blessed New Year!!

I will leave you with a few pictures of a couple of sneak peaks of new things I will be listing on Etsy. Since I bore and tire easily they very eclectic array.

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