Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back To School Necklace Swap Update....

Well I've been on the mend my migraines have been better so I have been able to be a tad more productive. I am still trying not to over do things,but for me being on the go and going from morning to night is a habit I find hard to break sometimes and then my health suffers,but I have been doing better.

Since I did feel a bit better I finished my necklace for a swap I participated in and was able to send it out. My partner  Marla Baer-Peckham who is an bead weaver extraordinaire is very talented she works with so many tiny seeds beads,just the thought of it makes my eyes cross and nearly gives me an anxiety attack! I enjoy these swaps because I generally receive something I would typically never make for myself or even purchase for that matter, but I am glad to have little works of art from so many talented people!

This is the necklace that I made for her. The vintage back space key was my element of back to school and then I added some crystals and Czech beads to give it an overall Victorian feel. I think it has an element of fun along with a little sophistication. I liked the result so much that I am in the works of making one for my Etsy shop.


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  2. First, I love your blog background. Second, I love the necklace. I'm a typewriter collector and love that!