Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Growing On...

Not at all a typo I just wanted to share some picture's of my garden. Since it takes up a good portion of my life every spring,summer and fall I wanted to dedicate and entire blog post on my favorite and sometimes  most dreaded(weeding is all I have to say) things to do this time of year.

Here in Michigan I have to take in whatever nice weather I can by spending it outdoors. Beware loads of images to follow!!

My happy shroom

Notice a pattern with the mushrooms? I LOVE mushrooms.

View from my side yard

Doesn't look like much now but these will be pumpkin on a stick. No Joke.

Just picked!! I can't wait to slice these babies up and load them up with sea salt. Yum.

My mother's day gift from my hubby.Love it!

My compost bin. Every year we have volunteers from veggies past.

Gourds?? Squash?? Nobody knows.

My little pumpkin. Every year I am surprised to find pumpkins growing in it.

My super happy flowers.

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