Friday, July 22, 2011

Here I Am,No I was not Lost

 Has it really been months since I have posted ? Talk about slacker. I'm sure no one wants to hear my pathetic excuses,but I feel the need to use a couple anyway.

I have been out of my mind with custom orders,wholesale orders(which I am new at),let me tell you it's pretty complicated filling some of these since I am a one man (woman) operation,trying to manage enough nature inspired jewelry for the upcoming trunk show at a museum of natural history,they need me to fill an 8 foot table????,and of course that's on top of my "real"job,tending to all of my gardens(yeah I said all,organic vegetable,perennial,butterfly & humming bird,herb gardens),oh and keeping my 10 year old son busy on summer break. I guess I used more than a couple of excuses, but I wanted you all to empathize,commiserate or hell maybe feel sorry enough for me, to excuse my absence.

As if all of the above was not enough I felt the need to join a  bracelet swap for one of my jewelry making yahoo groups.The theme was sunny summer of course I instantly thought of using some of my super happy yellow and orange vintage beads. But I couldn't as my swap partner mentioned that those 2 colors look dreadful on her. So I came up with this little beauty. Which happens to be reversible as no 2 sides of a butterfly are alike.

back side

front side
I think it turned out pretty nice,so nice that if I have an extra minute,or if I can take some time,and not feel guilty,I have all intentions of making one for myself.

Wish me luck with time management,my biggest flaw,well maybe not my biggest,but it's probably in the top ten ,make that twenty, well hell at least I am not delusional or in denial of ALL the flaws I have. But right now this managing time wisely thing is really what I need to work on. Maybe I will compile a flaw list at some other time.

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