Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quick Update For Bead Peeps Swap-N-Hop

 Today I am writing just a quick post. To participate in this years Swap-N-Hop for the Bead Peeps group the gal running the show required all blogs to have posted something within the last 3 months. My last blog post has been just about that long ago.... So I am posting not only to be compliant, but also to show my partner a little bit of my current work, which is totally helpful if you don't really know someone and what they do.


I snapped a few quick pics and I will let my partner know a few tidbits about me......

 I love working with vintage components and beads the above are bracelets and earrings made from salvaged vintage goodies.
 Druzy pieces. I loved stones that are rough and have color shift and druzy fits both of those likes for me. The purple druzy all the way to the right is only started I haven't finished it yet.
 But my passion in soldering things. What I do is considered cold soldering. I enjoy putting lovely things between glass and soldering them, with this method my pendants become reversible, the first picture is the front side of my pendants. I also solder around vintage tin pieces(sorry no pictures of those they sold very quickly), stained glass shapes, wood, vintage buttons, marbles, rough stones you name I'll try to slap some solder on it and make it into jewelry.
 This is the flip side of the above pendants. Since they are different it's like having 2 pendants in 1. The butterfly wings are almost shockingly different from on side to the next!

Well that's what I have been working on. Now a little about me.

1. My name is Maria Rosa but my friends call me Rosa.

2. I am in my early 40's and have been with my husband for 17 almost 18 years.

3.I have only one child,a boy, who is almost 15. He's an awesome kid,he has brought uncountable and unimaginable joy to my life! 

4. I am a manager of a local health food store. That means I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle, which is very hard sometimes as I LOVE sweets.

5. I'm an environmentalist, I love the planet Earth, My motto is the Earth can live without us, but we can't live without the Earth, my son teases and tells me I'm an over the top tree huger. I've been called worse.

6. This year my son is attending school at home, it's an online charter high school so I now have become a teacher too!

7. I love all colors. Reds not really a color I gravitate towards so it's probably my least favorite.

8. This past summer my family adopted a German Sheppard, we named him Dozer he completes our family.

9. I love nature.

10. I try to find beauty in things around me.  Make a conscious effort to try it you'll be amazed!

That's enough for now. I would hate to ramble on and bore people to death! 

I can't wait to meet you partner!

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