Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing BSBP Partner and Wishing for Spring..

I wanted to take a little time out to introduce my partner for the 7th annual Bead Soup Blog Party Her name is Kat Barron Miller. She and I use similar materials yet the outcome is so different. I am totally stoked to have her as my partner this time around. Take a quick peek at her shop.Or if you have extra time check out her blog

I would like to mention something that I have never experienced before when chatting with someone via email. This may sound a tad bit strange. But in just the couple of emails we have exchanged I believe I have gotten a feel for Kat she seems so full of life,quick witted and a touch sassy. All things that I find quite charming and endearing. I am sure if you had contact with her you would have gotten that too!!

Okay now I have lived in Michigan practically my whole adult life,only a few years have been spent elsewhere and I can NEVER get used to the winter. I am totally a spring/summer kind of gal. So for a little something to look forward to I give you and myself a bit spring/summer that is my garden.

Some of my butterfly/humming bird garden

Gorgeous Red Daylillies

I call this my happy chair.  

My cutie gnome whom has been coined "keeper of the porch".
I will plant something in just about anything!!! This summer I'll show you more random planters.
My lovely butterfly bush. They reseed and grow like mad in the most bizzar places.

I can't wait to enjoy these beauties again.

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