Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School Week Madness

Well this past week my son started back to school and along with back to school always comes mayhem. It's so hard to fall back into a routine after a nice long,relaxing summer.
Now it's bedtime for all at 9:30, including my husband and I. I can hardly keep my eyes open past 10:00 anymore, since I get up at 5:00a.m. during the school year. I hate to admit it to Joey but I look forward to weekends just as much,if not more than him. His school offers no busing so yep I drive him to and pick him up from school everyday,I won't even begin to touch on the school parking lot mayhem that ensues everyday.

He seems to like his teacher a whole lot,which makes school more tolerable for him. But the ciriculum is getting harder and harder and the work load is also increasing. It was difficult enough to help with math homework last year, his school does something called "Think Math" I call it torture. Wish us both luck in the homework department.

Onto the subject of pretties,I am spending part of my day off catching up on some jewelry making, my museum gig is rolling around quick and the studio where I practice yoga has asked me to make a line of jewelry for the studios shop,along with my handmade soap, and then some picture taking for my etsy shop and for here. That's how I will spend my day off tomorrow. Some day off huh???

Talk to you all soon.

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