Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Where,Oh Where....

Has summer gone to? I can't even believe that school is going to start in just a little over a week. My little sweetie ( not so little he's 10, and is 5'2" tall,almost as tall as his mama) is going into 5th grade this year. His school has extended the school day by 15min so that means we have to get up earlier yet,which make both of us not so very happy,but such as life. So I have been busy with school supply/clothes shopping,getting back to a normal bedtime etc.. that I haven't had much time in my studio which makes me sad. My studio time is  like therapy to me and I am in serious need of an appointment. It always amazes me how I loose track of time when I'm down there,it's like a time warp or something!

I have  made about 30 pieces for my upcoming show and a few pieces for my etsy shop these past few of weeks,I really need to get in gear because things will start moving even faster when the school year starts.

Here are some pictures of my etsy newbies before I list them I hope you like them.

Love this color combo large go go style vintage drops and czech bead flowers.

A friends mom raises peacocks and gave me some feathers and here's one of the thing I made.

Made using some of my vast collection of vintage odds and ends.

I will start listing them soon, I hope. Now off to get my pumpkin to bed,I'm sure I will get some resistance, but I'm mom and that's what I do, make life unfair!

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